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Logo Hotel Stoller Zurich


In 1938, after spending several years in Italy, Walter Stoller returned to Zurich, packed with ice cream creations. He opened the Café-Restaurant Sihlfeldegg where he invented and sold ice cream specialties. In 1945, he moved to Albisriederplatz and opened the Hotel Stoller.

Today, in the third generation, we still work with the same ice cream recipes and live out our passion for hospitality.

Our cuisine is characterized by its authenticity and attention to detail. We place great importance on using high-quality ingredients from the region to ensure the taste and quality of our dishes.

The Bar

Our small, cozy bar shines a special magic in winter. Tucked away in our restaurant, it only opens its doors when the first snowflakes transform the city into a winter wonderland. In this cozy oasis, friends gather to warm up the cold nights together.

Opening Time


4 - 10 pm

Friday & Saturday

4 - 11 pm

* During the cooler winter months, we warmly invite you to our cozy and welcoming indoor environment. Once the summer appears, we open the doors to our beautiful terrace, where you can enjoy our exquisite cocktails under the open sky.

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